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Mastering your mind (and life), made simple!

This free course makes your psychology simple and intuitive.
It will shift the way you see yourself and your life, forever!

Mind Resourcefulness Course

Are you ready to take your power back?

    Who this course is for

    This course was made for anyone who would like to understand and gain control over their minds and lives. Especially if you are tired of reading books that don't address the root cause of your limitations and challenges.
    This course will give you a simple, intuitive way to see your mind!

    What you’ll learn:

    • The dynamics between your inner world and life.

    • How you create your own reality.

    • The impact of your emotions on your actions.

    • The impact of your mind on your emotions.

    • The key to controlling your mind and your life.

    • The Mind Canvas: A simple, intuitive way to understand and master your mind.

    • The ABC of Life: A mantra for mastering your life.

    The course includes:

    • 20 insightful lessons

    • 6 high-quality explainer videos 

    • 1 Workbook

    • 1 Assessment

    • Questions for self-reflection

    • Option to apply for an exploration session

    What Members Are Saying

    Unexpected Bonuses

    Bonus #1

    Mind Resourcefulness Assessment

    Free self-assessment to find out how well you're using your mind for emotional freedom and personal power.

    In your personalized report, you will find:

    • Your Mind Resourcefulness score

    • How well you use your mind’s resources

    • Your mental/emotional strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses

    • Your potential for personal mastery and empowerment

    This assessment is a great tool for measuring personal mastery.

    Richard Barrett

    International speaker, Author, Director, Barrett Academy

    The Mind Resourcefulness Assessment helps you map and clarify your mental weaknesses and strengths.

    Britta Hall

    Founder, Balancea

    Bonus #2

    Coaching session - Mind Resourcefulness

    You can apply to a 45 min coaching exploration call with best selling author and transformational coach Juan Campoo, to explore:

    • Your report from the Mind Resourcefulness Assessment

    • How your current mindset and skill-set are affecting your well-being, limiting your psychological development and personal evolution

    • What your deepest aspirations and unmet needs are, and what it would mean to attain them

    • And how we can help you overcome your limiting patterns, transform the way your mind works so that it works for you, and attain deep mental-emotional wellbeing

    • Value: €500

    About your instructor

    Juan Campoo is a seasoned transformational coach, trainer, and speaker. He is the author of the Amazon #1 Best-Seller ‘The Mind Canvas: A Revolutionary Approach to Personal Mastery’.

    In the last +10 years, he has had the honor to coach, train and teach to more than 12.000 people, either 1-on-1, in groups, and through online courses.

    Juan works with professionals, managers and leaders who take their personal development seriously and want to accelerate their evolution of consciousness, to live from a deep sense of connection, inner-peace, and love. He helps them transform the way their minds work, finally overcoming all that excessive thinking and negative feelings that take away their energy and peace of mind.

    He believes suffering and limitations are a choice. When we allow ourselves to let go of limiting patterns we learned in the past, we tap into our immense potential for joy, wellbeing, and positive impact. We thrive... And when we thrive, the world does too.


    Juan’s work is amazing. It made me free from anxiety. My past is no longer dictating my future!


    I was stuck and did not know how to get out. But everything changed completely, in just one session! All the stress was gone. I began to sleep better, interact differently with me and with others and a sense of peace and quietness settled in my life and myself.


    We had only a few sessions, but they definitely changed my life. My relationship with others and with myself is much better. I am in control of my life now.


    I had an anxiety condition that was affecting my health, my work and my mood. At first I was reluctant due to past experiences with coaches, but Juan surpassed all my expectations. I am a happy guy now!

    Juan L.

    I went from a failing business and not getting a single job interview to a new marvelous job, a new house and a deep sense of peace and happiness only in 4 coaching sessions with Juan. He gives you the tools and empowerment for you to take ownership of your life and manage to get where you want to be.


    In just a few sessions, we put together a clear plan to improve my financial situation. I also learned how to use my mind in new ways to make my goals happen. A few weeks later I got a promotion, my salary increased and I work every day with a renewed optimism to achieve my dreams.


    Change your mind

    and take life in your own hands 

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